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The Balkan Monitor

Article Author Views
Hamlet in Belgrade Nebojsa Malic 47,850
The Seed of Food Fascism Jaclyn Ryan 50,001
Kosovo: Belgrade plays smarter, but... Gerard M. Gallucci 47,423
The Balkans and the Middle East, Mirroring Each Other Srdja Trifkovic 48,332
Breaking Serbia Jaclyn Ryan 51,274
The Enduring Schism Nebojsa Malic (Antiwar) 48,547
Statement by the Chairman of The Lord Byron Foundation Ambassador James Bissett 3,633
Al-Qaeda and Other Terrorist Patsies: America Biting Off More Than She Can Chew Jaclyn Ryan 8,804
Turkey Resurgent Srdja Trifkovic 4,346
The Bosnian Question Ambassador Charles Crawford 5,870
Blowback in Bosnia Nebojsa Malic (Antiwar.com) 3,355
Understanding the U.S. Balkan Policy Srdja Trifkovic 3,400
The Uncertain Future of Bosnia Nenad Kecmanovic 8,648
Serbia's Fraud-Ridden Parliamentary Election Nebojsa Malic 6,969
"Srebrenica" as Holocaust Srdja Trifkovic 9,621
Origins of the Balkan Wars Eugene Girin 12,600
Neo-Ottomanism in Action: Turkey as a Regional Power Srdja Trifkovic 15,165
FYROM: The New Kosovo? Srdja Trifkovic 12,747
Multicultural vs. Stereotypical: Russia and the Western Media Srdja Trifkovic 10,633
Otto von Habsburg: A Controversy at "Chronicles" Jaclyn Ryan 15,315
Law and Disorder in Kosovo Nebojsa Malic (Antiwar) 10,702
USTAŠA: Croatian Fascism and European Politics, 1929-1945 The Lord Byron Foundation 13,750
Otto von Habsburg's Ambiguous Legacy Srdja Trifkovic 10,481
The Transnistrian Solution S. Trifkovic 6,255
Serbia Should Shun the European Union John Laughland 4,041
Saving Serbia: Both Complex and Simple James Jatras 3,453
The Record of Archbishop Stepinac S Trifkovic (Chronicles) 3,767
PC Self-Censorship at the American Foreign Policy Council Srdja Trifkovic 3,577
No Evidence for "Srebrenica Genocide" Verdict Andy Wilcoxson 7,147
Antijihadists vs. Antijihadists Julia Gorin 4,379
Humanitarian Intervention - Again? James Bissett 3,679
Holocaust Revisionism in Canada: The "IRCG" Case The Lord Byron Foundation 5,320
Elie Wiesel's Buddy Emir Ramic: a Jew-Hating Jihadist? Srdja Trifkovic 8,167
Banned From Canada Srdja Trifkovic 4,038
Deconstruction of a Virtual Genocide Srebrenica Project 5,942
“The Institute for Research of Genocide of Canada”: Genocide Deniers, Hypocrites, and Character Assassins Ambassador James Bissett 6,091
The Trouble Along the Edge of the Balkans Srdja Trifkovic 4,103
Liberal PC More Oppressive Than Communism Srdja Trifkovic 3,576
The Failure of Multiculturalism The Russian Journal 4,057
The Demolition of the Yugoslav Tribunal Edward S. Herman 4,546
Holbrooke or Milosevic: Who is the Greater Murderer? Diana Johnstone 3,964
The Real Butcher of the Balkans Chronicles Magazine 4,660
Richard Holbrooke: An American Diplomat Srdja Trifkovic 4,535
Only in the Balkans: Tudjman's Biographer Tells All Julia Gorin 6,950
Kosovo Organ Harvesting: The Plot Thickens Seth J. Frantzman 6,580
The EU Titanic Sails On... Srdja Trifkovic 7,173
There Is No Miracle for Serbia Steven E. Meyer 4,358
Providence College Newspaper Censors Dr. Trifkovic Tim Dionisopoulos 4,603
Ground Zero Mosque: Correcting the Non-Debate Srdja Trifkovic 4,119
Historical Roots of Contemporary Jihadism in Bulgaria Andrew Bostom 4,551