Best Earbuds Under $50.

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Earbuds are very useful when you want to hear a particular sound or music on your own without letting anyone know. Before buying the earbud of your choice. You should consider the following points before buying a new one, they are specifications, fitting and special features.


These are the basic features which an earbud can have these features are:-.

Impedance:- it means the measure of opposition a circuit will provide to current when voltage is applied, in general, the higher impedance of device, less current will flow.

Sensitivity:- it means how loud your earbuds can go. For safe listening, you must choose your earbuds with a mid-range level of sensitivity.

Frequency response:- it is measured in hertz, knowing the frequency response of a headphone can help you choose the right device if you wish to listen to particular music.

Drivers:-you should consider that higher or larger the driver the better the overall sound will be in your earbuds.

  • Fitting:- you must know the shape of your ear because it will help a lot in choosing specific types of earbuds which will fit in your ear, you should choose that type of buds which will be comfortable for your ear without getting harsh so always choose rubber type of buds instead of plastic ones.
  • Special features:- these features includes the following:-
  1. Noise cancellation:- this type of earbuds helps to remove the unwanted noise that comes from the surrounding and because of that, you can listen to a particular sound on music very clearly without getting affected from the surrounding noise.
  2. Sweat resistance:- if you use your earbuds during your workout then you should choose a sweat resistance one because it will avoid the entering of moisture and getting your earbuds damage.
  3. Bluetooth:- having earbuds with Bluetooth can lead to great convenience because if you are working out with a lot of moments then it plays a great role by giving you freedom.

Now come to our main topic best earbuds which are affordable and comes under $50.

  1. SoundMagic E-10:- it is a reliable product for maximum sound quality, it feels comfortable due to lightweight has metal construction and because of its craftsmanship, it promises the lengthy usability and has good noise isolation and has a balanced sounding signature.

  1. CX 300 -11:- if you want Bass in your sound or music this headphone is made for you, this is comfortable for long listening sessions and gets fit for your ears button like others it’s plastic design.
  2. Brainwavz S0:- if you need a microphone and remote control then this is for you it has excellent build metal casing and flat cables and comfortable to wear good noise isolation have balanced sound signature with midbass good for EDM and hip hop.

Sennheiser we all know that Sennheiser is a good company for earbuds.

  1. Hi-fi Man RE-400:- if you want a pair of your birds for neutral sound this is for you. HiFi is not a popular brand but it makes quite good products. Earbuds have an aluminium design and are comfortable to wear, they are excellent in noise isolation but it lacks microphone and remote control and its wire connection is 3.5 mm.
  2. Advance M-4:– if your choice is a good microphone and remote control with balanced and affordable earphones then you should get this. It is good for regulating music and making calls with good construction design and has a carry case with it sound signature is balanced and neutral.
  3. MEE audio M6 pro 2nd gen:- if your needs are reliability, durability and sweatproof earbuds and build for musicians then go get this. Construction is superb, they are sweatproof, wearing is comfortable and they are effective in blocking unwanted noise,it doesn’t have good bass audio is balance but good for you in this price range it also has the mic and remote control.