Looper pedal

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Looper pedal is a device which allows recording short segments of voice, music etc and then loops them over and over again, segments length depend on the model of the pedal.

Many of you think that “what is the use of looper pedal”, these small gadgets designed to record a part of the song and then repeat it again and again and it is highly used for live performances, all studio recording and composition sessions, by music teachers & students as a training tool.

it provides a person with a bunch of opportunities to practice, for those persons taking their first step towards their first song composition this device allows them to improvise over a pre-recorded part so they can satisfy them with their desired result.

Before buying a looper pedal for yourself you should consider the following points so you can buy a looper pedal worth your need without spending unnecessary money. Points to consider are:-

  • Usage:- first step towards your looper pedal is, what kind of pedal do you want? whether you want for home purpose or for live performances.
  • Price:- next is the price, if you are new to music then you need a cheap one so with that you can go on with learning and then upgrade after your needs.
  • Type:- what type do you want? whether a simple one with fewer features is complicated 1 with more features.
  • Features:- what kind of performance do you want from your pedal? do you want your pedal to create multiple loops, switch between them on the fly or use MIDI to match your looper with other based pedals?
  • Quality:- do you want the best quality of your type regardless of cost or want a simply good one with cheap cost.
  • Size:- sizes are very important before buying a looper pedal, one must be sure about its size because you can’t afford to waste your time adjusting a big size one in your room when it is for your home you should consider a small one for your home.

Although we have discussed the buying guide for you, now we take a look for best looper pedals in 2020 one point to consider, this article is about best so I am intentionally showing the best one for home and live performances for you regardless of money.

  1. Tomsline AGR-3 greener vintage guitar overdrive effect pedal:- It has true bypass, volume-tone and gain control, has high-quality metal components and vintage tube-like overdrive tone, it is cheap and can be used for beginners its price ranges from rupees 1,500 to 3,000.
  2. TC Electronic Ditto looper effects pedal:- it is very popular not because of its price but for its features, it is compact in size, easy to learn and to use, offers 5 minutes of looping and unlimited overdub it is perfect for beginners. Its price range is from RS.10,000-Rs.12,000.
  3. Boss RC-3 loop station:- boss is a very well known company for looper pedals, features are compact in size,3 hours of recording time, 99 memory slots to store your loops, have USB connectivity to export in a computer or import s

  1. Boss RC-10:- it has 6 hours stereo recording time, has 99 loops, USB connectivity and 280 styles of music, it is best used for studios its price ranges from Rs20,000 to 23,000.
  2. Electro Harmonix 720 stereo looper:– it has 2 footswitches, 12 minutes looping, can record 10 independent loops, it is also used for live performances and studios, its price ranges from rupees 25,000 to 28,000.
  3. Pigtronix infinity looper:– it is an advanced looper for experts it can store up to 9 loops, 3-foot switches, loops can be set to run in parallel or series, has USB connectivity, MIDIsync, it is not for beginners, used for Solo performances in live performance and studios, its price ranges from Rs70,000 to 80,000.

These are some looper pedals which are best in different ranges, have good features according to their prices and for beginners to intermediates to experts. So if you are thinking of buying one for yourself to check its features and keep in the buying guide in your mind and purchase a good one for yourself till then write, compose, edit, repeat.…