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Bose Free Space 51 Outdoor Speakers

Bose is a premium grand dealing with speakers and music accessories for a while now. The company is manufactured in America and has established by Amar Bose in 1964.

Bose comes with a revenue of 400 crores US$ a year and has headquarters in three cities Framingham, Massachusetts, and California.

Bose has a saying called “fell more, do more,” which is capable as the products they provide are out of the box and have crisp sound quality with decent drivers installed.

Bose free space 51 outdoor speaker is omnidirectional. Bose omnidirectional speaker comes in the top category of this list as they have uniform sound at 360° sound surrounding.

Bose has provided them with tactic support, and these have mount support on a deck or any surface, which includes a direct ground; also, these can withstand sunlight, snow, or even high rainfall.

The speakers come with five different kinds of drivers and have three downward drivers, which can give an immense sound. They have a premium polymer finish on the outside and a compact silicon finish on the out, making them tiny.

On the designing end, Bose has used carbon fiber tact support for hinges and rubber support for speakers, which make sound immense and crisp. Bose has decent high tones and low tones due to its High-end compact bose drivers.

NXG Omni Planter 75 Outdoor Speaker

NXG is a local music company dealing with low-end speakers, but they have a minimal and unique design. NXG has a three-way portal sound and has decent drivers installed to it, making it a compact and best for gardens.

NXG has a pot design, which has a deep brown color to it. The product has a compact speaker installed to it. It has a weather-resistant planter, which makes it stand out against all and is best for garden spaces.


Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer, which is considered by most professionals and music composers. The brand usually makes high-end devices and there BYRD series. Beyerdynamic has a specific feel to them, and they have premium materials in them.

BEYERDYNAMIC PHONUM is a premium range of their speakers, and they have a classic design to them. They are a high-end device and is capable of surround sound. They have a premium black finish to them and have silver rough shiny finish at the base. They also have a grill pattern speaker, which is mounted over the top and is capable of Bluetooth facilities. They have accessibility to connect it with your Google services and Siri services as well.

BEYERDYNAMIC PHONUM has output technology, which makes their sound boom up and gives us a surround sound with an Omnidirectional sound. You can also connect it with your mobile devices and be used as a premium product in office as they have Bluetooth 5.0 and can get used to CISCO Skype and google hangout.

BEYERDYNAMIC PHONUM has a Microphone and loudspeaker as well. The microphone is of 150 Hz To 6.8 kHz, which is decent and can record your voice over a distance.

Jabra Speak 710 MS Universal USB/Bluetooth Black, Silver – Speaker (Universal, Black, Silver, Portable, 30 m, 70 dB, 1 m)

Jabra is an American brand specializing in audio and video equipment. They have a parent name from GN audio. GN Audio is a danish brand, which provides a decent range of products under a good range of drivers installed.

Jabra speaks 710MS has an immersive sound for calls and music. Jabra has a plug and plays connectivity feature, which makes it handy and compact to use. They have a premium finish with metal on the top and matte black on the down. The Grill pattern on the front has minimal holes to it and also supports a waterproof design.

Jabra has an assistant speaker with a supporting algorithm with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Jabra has Bluetooth 4.1, which is slow as compared to others in the same category. Jabra also has high tones and low tones, which can give you clear and crisp sound for calls and songs.

Jabra has an attractive set of accessories as well and has a collaboration with GM audio.…