55+ Best Living Room Color Schemes Idea [To Date]

LIVING ROOM COLOR –  You have actually seen them almost everywhere this autumn, turning up in vogue, housewares and also residence interiors– shades on the awesome side of the spectrum, like lively greens, bold blues, lavish violets and steely grays. But few of us could manage to, neither would certainly intend to, entirely transform our living room with each passing color trend. In the living room these products would be furnishings, flooring, the fire place surround as well as clarify customized home window treatments.

However when it involves the relatively budget-friendly aspects in a living room– paint, simple home window treatments, cushions as well as other low-cost devices– of course take the plunge as well as buy a couple of things in your favored trendy tones. If you stay with colors you like, you’ll desire them around for an excellent lengthy while.

If you want to plan ahead as well as you’re already thinking about your following project for the brand-new year, think about a fresh scheme for your home. Here are a few of my present faves– in the meantime!

Delft blue and chartreuse

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This could be the color combination for you if you want to be advised of the sea. It’s a great as well as casual combination that works ideal in spaces with lots of sunshine.

Red and turquoise

Red and turquoise
Rachel Reider Interiors

This is an instance of opposites drawing in. The warm vibe of red is cooled down by turquoise, a preferred water color. Consider this scheme for a visitor bed room. I think walls in red, like Benjamin Moore’s Nation Redwood, would be enjoyable also.

Pumpkin orange and blue

Deborah French Designs

I have actually said it a hundred times: Orange looks great with everything. I really love it here with blue. This combination feels kind of vintage to me. I especially like the global ambiance of these floor pillows with this color combination.

Red and beige

room color ideas
Olga Adler

This combination bears a certain similarity to yellow and gray — one has an outsize personality, while the other is more reticent. What makes them such natural partners is the warm undertones they share. Temper a bold stroke of red with a swath of beige to create a rich, inviting, but still mellow space.

Aqua and coral

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This is among my all-time favored combinations; these 2 colors constantly feel fresh to me. They remind me of Miami in summertime. Can you see a flamingo against an aqua-blue sky?

Apricot and brown

Cecilie Starin Design Inc.

This soft color of orange feels like a neutral, particularly when coupled with brownish. Together they have a refined kick. Consider this palette for a laid-back analysis area or bedroom. These colors look great with great deals of nubby linen materials.

Warm gray and pale blue

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Set grey that has warm undertones with a soft blue in a space with intense light. Attempt Revere Pewter HC-172 by Benjamin Moore for the best cozy grey. This is an usual palette for a Swedish-style interior.

French blue and pale yellow

Tucker & Marks

If you are looking for a really conventional combination, these shades are for you. This palette looks wonderful with warm woods and light wall surfaces.

Soft plum and turquoise

Charmean Neithart Interiors

I have actually shown a soft plum velour right here, however truly any type of plum looks great with blue-green. Attempt to set similar weights of color for the best result.

Black and gold

Tucker & Marks

This is an elegant and developed palette. I like to use small dosages of black in every area, as it supports the room. Usage black as a base, after that build up with lighter shades. Lovely!

Red and pink

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

If you love Valentine’s Day, below is your palette. Red is cozy and severe; the pink softens it up a bit. Furthermore, the red maintains the pink from seeming like a child’s space.

Orange and hot pink

Laura U, Inc

What could be a better color combination than orange and warm pink? This palette isn’t really for the faint of heart. It’s bold and also whimsical. Consider this wonderful color combination for a tween woman’s area or a space with brilliant white walls.


Anthony Baratta LLC

Just cannot decide on an area combination because you love all colors? Yes, a rainbow palette could function if you are a true color fanatic. Notification that this designer skillfully matched the shades as they actually show up in the rainbow.

Color Palettes You Can’t Get Wrong

If, like me, you discover yourself immobilized by possibilities, have a look at these eight color schemes for ideas.

Yellow and blue

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Like salt and pepper or salute as well as jam, these shades make a best set. It’s hard to find two shades of either one that do not interact– as primary colors, they share a straightforward, elementary high quality that keeps them in sync. Lots of people think of yellow and blue as traditional, as well as they are, yet you could spin them right into transitional or modern territory by selecting customized lines and also refined patterns like the ones revealed right here.

Black and white

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C

Required I even mention this one? It’s remarkable, advanced and also as traditional as you could obtain. In any space, in any amount, it’s absolutely foolproof, as well as you could blend in dabs of whatever accent color attract you. Visit this site to see this palette brought throughout a whole residence.

Pink and green

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

Why does this perennially preppy combination strike such a chord? Well, consider nature: pink blossoms atop environment-friendly stems, flowering from bushes, surrounded by vegetation. If you wish to make pink and also green appearance less Lilly Pulitzer, attempt layering 2 or three filled, slightly filthy shades of each color, as in this room.

Navy and white

Emily A. Clark

A starched white button-down topped with a navy sports jacket never heads out of design, and neither does a navy and white space. With this pairing, it’s very easy to skip to the nautical method (stripes, sailing boats, white bed linen). But this living space turns convention on its ear: navy walls triggered by crisp white millwork and a painted coffee table, with an overscale rug that ties the scene with each other.

Yellow and gray

Red Egg Design Group

Like the odd couple of the color spectrum, these two hues couldn’t be more different. Yet they complement each other perfectly: Ebullient yellow helps somber gray to lighten up; gray calms yellow down and keeps it from bubbling over. It’s a win-win.

Orange and blue

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

They’re revers on the color wheel, and paradoxically that means they go well together. If you can not abide the thought of a vivid tangerine and also cobalt area, go quieter. This serene living area is washed in pale turquoise and soft coral reefs, weakened versions of orange and blue that make no much less of an impact for their restraint.

Chocolate and lavender

Actually? you’re thinking. Yes, actually. Sweet, light purple and also rich chocolate highlight the best in each other. The key is to keep the lavender from obtaining as well bright– a milky pastel shade works ideal and looks luminescent against deep brown. A lavender accent wall is all this comfy area needed to bring it to life.

Fashionably Cool Living Room Color Palettes


Check out this selection of gorgeous cool-hued living as well as family rooms, together with sample color schemes influenced by each room.

Found Design

Gray has been my go-to neutral for a while now. I discover it more crisp and also tidy looking compared to common beige. But gray does not have the warmth of beige, so attempt combining it with cozy timber tones or a warm accent tone, such as the yellow-green made use of right here. I just recently designed a space layered in various tones of tool to light grays, and it has a supersophisticated ambiance. With a base of grey tones in a space, you can add a dashboard of other color you desire, even beige.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example combination: Obtain a comparable appearance with (clockwise from leading left, all from Mythic Paint): Bedford Park 134-4, Adobe Sunlight 082-5, Arapaho Valley 079-6 and Sierra Grande 143-2.

Niki Papadopoulos

I understand I stated to stick to neutral colors when choosing furniture, yet there is just something so amazing about these magenta-hued club chairs. I like them! Yet notice that the magenta is the only dynamic tone in the room. If those chairs had to compete with an eco-friendly wall and a blue couch, they would swiftly go from amazing to overload.

Stressing over choosing your furniture or color pattern? An interior designer is below to save the day

So go on as well as get furnishings in your favored bold shade if you see a piece you just need to have, yet modify the other shades in the room to ensure that the extremely hued aspect stays the star.

Jennifer Ott Design

Instance combination: Obtain a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Benjamin Moore): Golden Magenta 2074-30, Stormy Sky 1616 and Expanse 2133-70.

I like mixes of blue and green, especially watery blues and also bright, shocking environment-friendlies. They simply play off each various other so well. Or even though they are great shades, they feel pleasurable and inviting together– probably since we link them with nature, the sea and the sky.

Jennifer Ott Design

Example palette: Get a comparable appearance with (clockwise from leading left, all from Valspar): Fluorescent Lime 6007-9C, Sea Tune 5003-8A, Cincinnatian Hotel Hannaford 3007-10C as well as Jalapeño Jelly 6005-6A.

Wheeler Kearns Architects

Eco-friendly and red can be challenging shades to pull together. They are opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they supply the most contrast to each various other. One technique to soften the comparison is to make use of less intense tones of one or both colors.

This wall is a really pure environment-friendly, yet it’s a relatively light color of it. The red right here is really dark and also lush, more of a maroon shade– which can function as a neutral. Additionally, since the shades are used for various products in the space (wall surface paint and also furniture), they won’t clash. This unexpected combination functions really well in this cool, modern space.

Example scheme: Get a comparable appearance with (clockwise from leading left, all from Kelly-Moore): Dark Cherry Tart AC223-5, Tule Haze KM3778-1, Eco-friendly Apple Peels KM3375-3 and also Spring’s Eve KM3895-3.

Rad Design Inc

For those that enjoy light, tidy, ventilated areas, you cannot fail with shades of white on your walls, ceilings as well as furnishings. But it behaves to inject some color to cheer things up.

If you do, why not go vibrant? The grounding black and vivid orange colors work perfectly with the lighter blue tones below. This example likewise efficiently makes use of colors contrary each other on the color wheel (blue and orange). They work well with each other due to the fact that heaven is maintained lighter and reduced.

Example palette: Obtain a similar appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Sherwin-Williams): Raindrop SW6485, Nuance SW7049, Copper Harbor SW6634 and Granite Peak SW6250.

Jo Alcorn

I normally include very strong colors in my Houzz schemes, but I could most definitely value a softer approach. Actually, intense, lively color can occasionally sidetrack from interesting art work, furniture, devices or a wonderful view out the window. This living room feels light filled, airy as well as inviting. Darker shades are made use of as small accents occasionally– excellent for somebody that likes even more toned-down, neutral hues. The unified mix of soft gray, green as well as blue makes for a calming as well as sophisticated living room.

Example combination: Obtain a comparable appearance with (clockwise from leading left, all from Pratt & Lambert): Light Olive 18-23, Wraith 28-32, Carriage Stone 28-19 and also Forget-Me-Not 24-8.

Collaborate with a painter to find the perfect wall as well as ceiling shades for your home.

S Interior Design

Extra calming grays and blues, however in this example we additionally have bits of crisp white as well as deep, dark chocolate brown for an extremely classy, contemporary palette.

S Interior Design

Example combination: Get a comparable look with (clockwise from top left, all from Pittsburgh Paint): Aqua Blue 353-5, April Sky 554-3, Seal Skin 416-7 and Gray Flannel 541-6.

Tara Bussema

As much as I love collaborating with gray, another neutral I’m turning to more and more is navy blue. Softer compared to black, it still offers dramatization as well as plays well with all other colors. As an accent color using pillows as well as the window therapy below, it develops a good triad with the lighter gray-blue and also the olive environment-friendly.

Tara Bussema

Example palette: Obtain a comparable appearance with (clockwise from top left, all from Benjamin Moore): Sea Wind OC-139, Pine Creek 490, Alfresco 1672 and also Hudson Bay 1680.

Laura U, Inc.

Don’t disregard your outdoor home when it pertains to injecting amazing color. The days could be getting shorter and cooler, however why not strategy ahead for springtime and summer season? Autumn is, nevertheless, a good time to pick up outside furnishings and home furnishings at a discount rate.

This area abounds with amazing color. And because the lively shades are revealed via material and also paint, it would certainly not be that difficult to transform them later on.

Example combination: Obtain a similar look with (clockwise from leading left, all from Sherwin-Williams): Green Bay SW6481, Loyal Blue SW6510, Sassy Environment-friendly SW6416 and also Alpaca SW7022.

If you are teasing with the concept of painting your walls a strong color, consider repainting one accent wall or an area of one wall surface. You’ll obtain a nice dose of color that really feels enjoyable instead of stress and anxiety generating. An additional choice is to make use of toned-down variations of your favored cozy tone. This doesn’t have to mean pink for red or light peach for orange– instead find a lighter color that has some grey or taupe in it. It will look advanced as well as still provide you a touch of the color you long for.

Balodemas Architects

These seven living rooms feature warm to warm hues, adhered to by color and also product combinations influenced by each style.

Color is utilized well right here to highlight the interesting design. Smidgens of eye-popping orange and red look great versus the white wall surfaces and also ceiling, the abundant wood flooring and the tones of gray on the fire place wall surface. This is an extremely happy, modern-day palette.

Example scheme: Clockwise from leading left (all from Behr): Dragon Fire S-G-240, Gentle Rainfall 790E-2, Wild Sage 700F-5 and Fire Island 190B-7.

Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC

You could get away with virtually any kind of color in an area with tall ceilings as well as this much all-natural light. One drawback to a wall surface of home windows, though, is a lack of wall area on which to hang art. Color is an easy fix– painting a little section of a wall surface a dramatic color.

Wage care when using bright primaries. Overdo them and also your space will resemble your child’s preferred fast-food joint. This living room features vibrant red as well as yellow tones the right way. Most of the space is outfitted in timber tones and white, so the red and yellow offer good stands out of color.

Example scheme: Clockwise from leading left (all from Mythic Paint): Yellow Sass 093-5, Discoloring Frost 132-2 and also Sunburst Nose 114-6 would work perfectly with a white oak flooring.

Klopf Architecture

Here’s an additional great wall surface of home windows however with dark, virtually black wood floorings and also a combination of grey and white tones as the predominant shades. This living room is the epitome of awesome, clean as well as modern-day. The smidgens of red offer just the right amount of pep and also life.

Example combination: Clockwise from leading left (all from Valspar): Climbing Tide 4008-3A, Coastal Sundown 5002-2B as well as Porcelain Red WV37015, with a deep, dark ebony tarnished timber floor.

Laura U, Inc.

Open-concept floor plans will certainly be around for time, yet one problem individuals have regarding them is that it’s a difficulty incorporating the various areas that offer various features. One technique to obtain a cohesive look is to pick a neutral background scheme– state, shades of tan or grey– and after that punctuate occasionally with 1 or 2 more dynamic shades. The copper on the lights and the satisfied yellow pillows and devices make this room attractiving but relatively restrained colorwise.

Instance combination: Clockwise from top left (all from Dunn Edwards): Lace Shroud DE6372, Fallen Rock DE6389 and Fuzzy Duckling DE5936 appearance fantastic with a dramatic dark gray-black concrete floor.

Studio 1 Architects

If you opt to repaint entire wall surfaces in dark or vibrant colors, be sure to cancel the strong colors with light and neutral accents. The grey, sage as well as beige furnishings and accessories do not try to take on the sharp wall surface color below. It’s a beautiful living room with bold color that really feels warm, comfy and also inviting.

Instance scheme: Clockwise from leading left (all from Benjamin Moore): Ionic Column 1016, Graystone 1475 and also Habanero Pepper 1306 would certainly stand out against a strand-woven bamboo flooring in a honey discolor.

FORMA Design

With loss approaching, you could discover on your own attracted to richer, much deeper colors. I am currently enjoying the look of darker floorings, such as the good-looking wood floorings in this colorful modern area.

Dark floors tend to suck a great deal of light, though, so they function best precede that are well lit and also open– such as this loft. The small punches of yellow are countered perfectly with the tan and also beige shades of the furnishings, the carpet and also the wall surface floor tile.

FORMA Design

Instance palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Martha Stewart Living): Whetstone Gray MSL258, Recently Established MSL198 as well as Egg Yolk MSL064 would be slick paired with a black floor.

Carter Kay Interiors

This living room is tranquil as well as peaceful colorwise. I like the calming high quality developed from utilizing multiple shades of one color. Below we have light as well as dark browns and beiges combined with some tiny hits of abundant red-orange hues. You might conveniently pump up the color by using one of the bolder shades for an accent wall surface or paintinged furniture.

Instance palette: Clockwise from top left (all from Sherwin-Williams): Nacre SW6154, Chrysanthemum SW6347, Flower Pot SW6334 and also Silver Gray SW0049.






Just what are your favorite cool shades for decorating your house?

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