VY Canis Majoris

Vy canis majoris

VY CANIS MAJORIS – One of the most popular red hypergiants in the galaxy is the VY Canis Majoris found in the constellation Canis Major. Discovered in 1801 by Jerome Lalande, it was listed at the time as a 7th magnitude star. The really disappointing fact about Canis Majoris is that it has been dying … Read more

Jupiter Through A Telescope


JUPITER THROUGH A TELESCOPE – With all of the great planets that you can look at through your brand new telescope, one of the most popular ones is probably going to be Jupiter. Even the rings of Saturn pale in comparison to the popularity that is known as one of the most interesting planets in our … Read more

Who Invented The Telescope?

Telescope invention

Telescope History In this often debated question there are many answers and controversies within the astronomy community. So what is the history of the telescope and who was the creator? Although Galileo Galilei gets credit from some sources for creating the telescope, he wasn’t the creator at all. He was the first to use a telescope, … Read more

How to Make a Telescope?

How to make a telescope

Make a Telescope – It’s not as hard as you think, and to be honest many have already done it for science projects in school. If kids can do it, then what is stopping you from doing it with regular household items? This non-complicated process will allow you to build a Galilean telescope that maxes out at … Read more

Best Telescopes for Astrophotography

Astronomical telescope constellation aquila in the night sky. ea

Looking for the best telescopes to use for your Astrophotography hobby? Then look no further than this list, containing some of the best and most up to date choices on the market. Most Astrophotography telescopes are more expensive than regular ones, but for the quality you get it is the most sensible bang for your buck … Read more

Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Telescope Review

Orion 09798 starblast 4.5 equatorial reflector telescope

Coming in at about the mid-price range is the Orion StarBlast 4.5 EQ Telescope, a product that packs in a lot of things into a small package. Buyers that were looking to get that perfect all in one telescope without spending a ton of money will love this deal, and it is from one of … Read more

Best Telescopes for Comets

Best telescopes for comets

Following comets can be a lot of fun, but only if you have the right equipment. Having the wrong equipment when a comet passes will make you miss out on the most invigorating moment of your life. It can be frustrating to drop a lot of money on a scope and not have it do … Read more

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope Review

Celestron 21035 70mm travel scope

There is no doubt that this low priced kit is perfect for a variety of telescope users, but is it a good long-term deal? It comes with a lot of accessories and extras that telescopes in a similar price range don’t have, and it gives dependable performance that won’t disappoint most level of users. Setting it up … Read more